The Right Way for Your Brand.

Most people don’t realize that all marketers have the same tools at their disposal. to disseminate a client’s brand and information to the consuming public. It’s if and how they use them that’s different. Both have a place in today’s marketing world depending on any number of factors, including, but not limited to, customer demographics, budget, and your product/services.

On the digital side you have, among other things:

  • Websites;
  • Social media;
  • E-mail; and
  • Other internet-based platforms.

While on the traditional side, among other methods, you have:

  • Entertainment media;
  • Stores/retail locations;
  • Traditional print;
  • Mobile;
  • Signage;
  • Product packaging; and
  • In-person.

Unless your marketing professional considers all approaches, including traditional and digital platforms, they have not done sufficient due diligence. Further, they may not have the knowledge to fully-appreciate or be open-minded enough to utilize varying forms of media. Due to our experience, we have a foot in both (the digital and traditional) worlds and can factor in what will work best for your company. If your demographic is geriatric, do you really need an Instagram influencer? Perhaps an ad in AARP’s magazine would be better. Going after Millenials or Gen Z? Newspaper ads likely won’t hit the mark. Maybe you need a combination of digital and traditional platforms. Does your marketing professional consider everything and anything to find the right approach for you? We do.