Why You Need One in a Million.

Don’t be like everyone else. Be unique. Be different. Be one in a million.

Generally, there are three reasons entities seek out marketing advice and the development of a cohesive marketing strategy — branding, rebranding, and refreshing:

  • Branding is typically for either (i) start-ups looking to initially establish their brand identity and a presence in the marketplace, (ii) existing companies whose branding is unclear, or (iii) established entities introducing a new product line which is, ostensibly, a new business.
  • Rebranding is for businesses that already have presence in the marketplace, but are looking to (i) rehabilitate their image (for any number of reasons), (ii) change the way they are perceived in the marketplace, or (iii) change their market strata.
  • Refreshing is for businesses that are content with their brand’s image and location in the marketplace, but feel that their marketing — digital and/or traditional media — is obsolete, stale, or in need of alignment with current cultural trends.

Whichever of these you need, M1M can help you achieve it. Making you that one in a million.
Your business is everything to you. It is your livelihood, your life’s work. To you it is one in a million You need to distinguish your business somehow…go from no one to someone to the one. If you want to be THAT one in a million. We can help you get there.

You take pride in your business. You want to be and you want it to be the best. The finest. The most successful. The gold standard. No one ever said, “Go for the bronze,” “Be the average,” or Give it your some.” You are in business to win (i.e., make money); there are no “participation trophies.”

Much of business today is the consuming public’s perception of your brand. It has nothing to do with price, quality, or design. What makes one brand “better” or “hotter” than another virtually identical one? Better marketing. Chart a different course.